BONUS EPISODE-Messy Conversations: Sledding Down the Slippery Slope with Matthew J. Distefano

My guest for this "Messy Conversations" BONUS episode is Matthew J. Distefano.

Matthew is a brilliant writer, theologian, musician,  podcaster, social worker, and Patheos contributor. He is one of four  co-hosts of the insanely popular Heretic Happy Hour podcast and also  hosts a solo podcast called "Apostates Anonymous". He is the author of the Amazon bestselling books Heretic!, All Set Free, From the Blood of  Abel, Devoted as F*ck, and the multi-volume "The Bonfire Sessions" co-written with Mike Machuga.

Matthew's books Heretic!, All Set Free, From the Blood of Abel, Devoted as F*ck, and the books A Journey With Two Mystics, and The Bonfire Sessions co-authored with Mike Machuga.

Check out Matthew's podcasts The Heretic Happy Hour, Apostates Anonymous, and The Bonfire Sessions.

Matthew's Patheos column is engaging and thought provoking.

You can find Matthew on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Matthew offers great resources for his supporters on Patreon. Please check out his page and support his work if you can.

Thanks so much for listening!

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