Episode 33: The Church We Dream Of Part 3 with “Naked Pastor” David Hayward

On this episode, we continue our "The Church We Dream Of" series on our collective hopes and dreams for the future of the church. My guest for this third conversation of this series is prophetic artist "Naked Pastor" David Hayward.

David has a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a diploma in Religion Studies and Ministry from McGill University in Montreal, and a diploma in University Teaching from the University of New Brunswick. He served as a local church pastor for 30 years before leaving local church ministry in 2010.

Today, David uses words and images to challenge the status quo and offer hope for those who struggle and suffer under it.  David founded The Lasting Supper, an online community for those looking for an alternative to conventional church.

You can find David's website here.

You can find David's online courses here.

David's books (including Money is Spiritual, The Liberation of Sofia, and The Lasting Supper) are available in his book store.

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