Episode 34: The Church We Dream Of, Part 4 with Derek Myers

This episode is the fourth installment of our "The Church We Dream Of" series on our collective hopes and dreams for the future of the church. My guest for this final conversation of this series is recording artist/songwriter Derek Myers.
Derek is a Los Angeles native transplanted in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Rachel, and two sons, Rayne and Rowan. In 2018, Derek released his debut EP entitled "Reign Freedom" with Furnace Music from Fredricksburg, VA. He is a diehard Dodger fan and shameless foodie with a fondness for good whiskey. More than anything, he longs for people to experience the freedom of knowing Abba's heart and seeing themselves as ones deeply loved by Him.
In this interview, we discuss Derek's evolving faith, spiritual influences, aspirations for the church, and what God wants from us today.
I think you're really going to love Derek's music and the heart behind it that he shares with us in this episode.
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