Messy Conversations 002: A Love Stronger Than Hell with Keith Giles

For episode two of our new raw and uncut series "Messy Conversations", I spoke to my friend "Jesus Undefeated" author Keith Giles. We talk about the three dominant afterlife doctrines of the early church, Keith's own evolving views, why it matters what we believe about the afterlife, and how Keith handles very public (and often, mean-spirited) criticism. 
Keith is a co-host of the Heretic Happy Hour Podcast.
Check out Keith's blog here.
Keith writes incredible books that challenge, educate, and inspire us to follow Jesus more closely. I highly recommend Jesus Untangled, Jesus Unbound, Jesus Unveiled, and his latest (and possibly, best) book, Jesus Undefeated.
Keith helps people navigate the rough road of deconstruction/reconstruction through his comprehensive Back to Square One program.
Keith has given himself entirely to the work of writing and podcasting and he is making a real difference in the lives of real people who might otherwise feel alone. Please consider supporting his important work on Patreon.
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